Satellite Coverage Plan for 2019

As snow is beginning to fly, I’d like to make preparations for any satellite changes in the near (post 2018) future.

The Dreamcatcher homepage currently states:
We offer no guarantee for the Othernet broadcast service, which is currently limited to the continental United States and is in beta. Our current contracts extend through 2018 and we have every intention of maintaining the service but we cannot offer guarantees regarding service availability. No documentation is included with Dreamcatcher. All relevant links to documentation and technical support are found on this page.

Is then any better update?

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I agree we need to know. Its been a long time since the L-Band world wide service closed.

How well are the K band tests going?

Is Othernet K viable as an alternative to the L-Band Service.

What are Othernet’s competitors in this new market place?
5G rollouts?
LEO Satellites?
Satellite based Internet of Things?
Mini Low earth Ballon satellites?

IOT? Someone wants to be able to APRS message to turn on his coffee maker in the bush :wink:


The new antenna is the last major roadblock. Still working on it. Sometimes its slow.

Right now for me the The Othernet is like great Creole Chicken Gumbo Soup slowly simmering on the back burner, but not burning up. And I’m only consuming about 5 watts.

Hi!! I still have the files downloaded during 2017, but now my Dreamcatcher board is used as ADS-B radar, my raspberry pi used to download images of the climate of the NOAA satellites, of the 3 setup´s that ran the outernet L-band service during the 2017, the chip (mini pc of U$ 9) is the only one that has not had a new purpose, and I have no problem to buy more parts and antennas if there is coverage for South America, I just see that it has been almost a year and I really miss spending my free time with this project, it was a very good experience, I hope someday will give again coverage to South America and remember me and send me an email please, I wish you a Merry Christmas and I prosper 2019.

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I am currently working on the new coverage plan. Just a few more calls to have and papers to sign.


I completely agree.



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Definitely part of the discussions.

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Europe? (again :stuck_out_tongue: )

Will there be coverage in South America? (Ecuador)

Europe definitely. South America I am working on, but we have still not finalized this new relationship which may allow for coverage there.

What is the time frame for this new satellite service . OneWeb and SpaceX are putting their first production low orbit satellites up very soon.

I don’t put a lot of faith in the Othernet competitors using LEO’s. yet…

“OneWeb’s first 10 satellites launch in February on an Arianespace Soyuz from French Guiana.”

February is 2 months away. May the games begin.

My feeling is that the K-Band LEO MINI ($600k) satellites will be fine, technologically. But the $100 K-Band Phase Array antennas are about 5 - 10 years away. Meanwhile 5G Data will be rolled out to every single place on land.

Some news about if will the service be available for South America?

Any news on Coverage for Philippines?

Nothing firm yet, though we are working on a test plan for new beams.

In brasil?