Scrolling News article window in Skylark

On My tablet and smartphone I Can resize and adjust and scroll the newssource and topic Windows which is nice.

Unfortunatly this functionality is not available in the right content window. This is somewhat disturbing because you can mostly read only half of the article.

Is there a way to adjust those window settings?

On my PC browser I get two separate scrollbars (or even 3 when I make the window very low)
and it is no problem to scroll. Maybe your tablet browser assumes there is always only one
scrollbar? (so it can omit it and scroll by swiping over the screen at any location)

Hmm, perhaps I’m missing something but I tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox on my iPad. Chrome is constantly generating Javascript errors, In Firefox and Safari I have two working scrollbars but the article view itself is locked in place.

No scrollbar and no way to swipe, just half an article. No problems on lap or desktops.