SD2_DATA socket functionality?

not sure whether this has been covered before, I’ve tried two different SD cards (FAT32) on my DC v2.03 but File Manager doesn’t see them… is the functionality there in v4.4 to use the SD2_DATA slot?

The slot is functional, but the Skylark OS doesn’t (yet) automatically make use of it.

You can manually mount it if you wish.

…thanx, manually meaning via command line…?


…furthermore, for my own clarity, is full Linux (Armbian?) functionality available behind SkyLark if I have a permanent UART or USB/OTG connection to a serial terminal like PUTTY…?


Armbian is available as a separate image for the Dreamcatcher.

Skylark is a buildroot-based linux image - while you can ssh into it and run commands on the shell (to mount the second sdcard, for example), there is no way to install packages etc, its not Armbian.

Thanx, that clears a lot of the smoke… lm