Hey Guys, @zoltan
So i read somewhere on how to Make a SDRx into a Normal RTL-SDR.
But for the Life of me I can not Find it.

So can anyone point me in the right way?


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which one is this for?
v1.06, 1.06.1, 1.07, 1.10 ??
or does it matter?
thanks again

Guessing 1.07 based on another picture in that thread, but it may not matter if you find the same components in the same locations. @zoltan Can you comment on the lna bypass for the SDRx, those notes you have in the above link, does the hw version matter or still same procedure?

Right on… well im half way thu it. pop the sma. and getting ready to test it.

This is my results. Done on sdrx 1.10.
With a normal rtl-sdr I pick up about 45 aircraft. This is with the filters under shield still in tac. Next is to remove the filters I think and give it a try…

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the later SDRx -es has non-removable shield which is a pain if you want to remove the capacitor from inside… this LNA_bypass feature was an engineering option for our own development not a users friendly mod so not so easy to do DIY style.

yeah the shield was a Mofo… going to test it today(v1.10)
Later im going to try a different one (v1.06)

Here is the v1.06 and I must say… It’s reading 1090 better than my SDR.
V1.10- fail not the best results. But it works. (Non removable shield) desolder a pain in the but for little results)
V1.07 not tested yet
V1.06.1 works great. (Removable shield)
V1.06 works freaking great.(removable shield).

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Nice work. I have a V1.06.1 as well, let me know how it works. :slight_smile:

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Will do…
in fact im going to work on the 1.06.1 later today.
ill post the results for you.

@unixpunk And here is the v1.06.1 results. Works great as well.

Nice, thanks!

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Well i been Running v1.06 for 5 Days Straight 24hrs a day.
Rpi3 - with Piaware - with SDRx on 1090Mhz - Max Range: over 300nms :heart_eyes:
Rpi3 - with Piaware - with on 1090Mhz - Max Range: Just over 150nms

So The RTL-SDR is now my Play Toy and not tied up with piaware
I now Converted 3 of My SDRx’s to rtl-sdr’s i now run 2 of them on 978Mhz and 1090Mhz
they somehow (and im not bitching) are Way better than the store bought’s sdr…


Wow…Looks like I need to modify mine… :slight_smile:

how did yo done the modification finally? Did you removed the shield too or just soldered the solder jumper?

@DV8 Yes, exactly what did you do? Looks like you have a nice little side business now :wink:

I’ll make a how to if you want. But it was simple.
First thing I did was pop off the sheild

Then found the the #39 (I think that is the number) restior . Then I removed it by just popping it off with a exacto blade
Make sure nothing is touching the sheild

Place sheild back on

Then soldier a sma to lna by pass .

Then shorted the s14 spot. (I think that’s it)

Then I just plugged it in to my rpi3
Found what device it was. Assigned it to my dump1090

Boom… but that’s the logistics of it.
BTW this is from memory. As I’m not at my house with the sdrx in front of me.


Yeah I removed it and yes soilder the jumper too.

I smell another wiki page in the near future…