Sending tweets to outernet network via aprs(ax.25)

im testing that its over outernet content on Offline Twitter feeds in apps.
Requirements: ham user licence - aprs device (pc- cellphone-2 wayradio) registered with the network.

test 1: XASTIR-Linux_rasberryPiB+_TNCPI VHF 144.390mhz 5w using a external igate to get internet out, my home aprs station

  • 2015-10-03 10:05:25 COT: HJ4JGG-10>TWITR: test hola mundo

test 3: same setup as 1 just fix aprs id -10 to -1

  • 2015-10-03 16:16:06 COT: HJ4JGG-1>TWITR: enviado twets desde aprs @alvillegasbot

test 2: from a handy 2 way radio that have aprs - vx8gr 4w 144.390
-2015-10-03 10:43:40 COT: HJ4JGG-7>TWITR: test vx8gr : D !
for some reason only get after : content

path: 2wayradio - vhf - internet - uplink outernet - downlink outernet - remote area

the 3 twitts are on outernet Offline Twitter feeds, so ham radio users can use hamradiotweets to put content on outernet network :smiley: and chose HamRadioTweets


Right now, the tweets update once a day, but we’ll release real-time tweets pretty soon. Hopefully by the end of the month.