Service for full time RV'ERS

I’m a full time rv’ers. I have a dream catcher and works well if I’m in a good location and I take the time to fiddle with the antenna. But most of the time I don’t stay more than 2 days at any location. So fiddling with an antenna setup usually doesn’t happen. Is there a antenna the I can mount on you of the tv so I can get a signal without the fiddle factor?

If you don’t need to use a dish (most of conus) a bare LNB ained roughly into position is enough. You could get a satellite finder to help aim the LNB faster and put that inline on the feedline. There was a post a week or two with someone who made an antenna auto-aim/track like what they put on marine satellite antennas.
If you are into robotics tinkering there was talk of putting the code on a public git and the rest is middle schooler robotics and 3d printing. At this point the modularized parts(motors, GPS, gyros, hall sensor, and a processor to run everything) are so easy and cheap you just have to write or track down and hack together the required code, stick the whole works in a cheap aeroshell and you can be on even on the road. Though a LNB on a mini tripod, with the finder inline if that helps you aim, may be easier.

Maybe you can get some inspiration for a similar solution (mounting on a boat) from the following youtube channel: