Service Outage on AlphaSat (back up). APAC is still down


After many days of good operations, my DC+Act Ant seems now deaf…
RSSI -124 and SNR below 1dB… is the satellite ok?
Anyone else in AUS/NZ have same problems?

I’m in Adelaide, I just noticed that I have very weak to no signal from the sat. I’m glad I am not the only one.

…brilliant, sort of. I did some troubleshooting and was suspecting my active antenna…

Hello Syed & team, any idea what’s going on…?



Yep me too (am in India…). Had OuternetInaBox running and just got a Pi3 from amazon and… no signal!

There is an ongoing outage on both the EU and APAC beams. EU should be up tomorrow.

Still looking into APAC. Will update as and when I have more information.

Just wondering if there is any update on APAC?

Sorry, nothing yet.

Belgium still down for now…

@Abhishek Alphasat (Europe) is (still) offline :frowning:

Good SNR but no packets, hope you get it back online soon :slight_smile:

regards from germany,

any further news about the issue with APAC beam? Curious about the nature of the problem…

No - I am sorry, still no new information. This outage is external to our setup and we are working to have things back to normal again. But as of right now I don’t know how soon that would be.

No signal in Western Australia been down for ages

I think you are down. Don’t muck with your Dreamcatchers. Ken

Was all set for a weekend of tinkering… any updates on likely eta for either EU or APAC?

Same problem here. Get snr of 7 for a couple of seconds the n dropping to 0,7. Tuner statistics say Constant lock and searching.

Both EU and APAC have been down since 20/9… only AMERICAS is up.

Any update ?
@Syed - can you share some info ?
No packets for a few days now in Romania using Alphasat 25E.


So I’m not the only one!..I’ve had the fluctuating signal issue too…

I tested my setup with some L-Band decoding, and it was working fine, so, reading this thread I’m a bit happier that it’s not just me!

Think I’ll go back to some L-Band for a few days :slight_smile:

73 Mark

Live signal on 1546.25 MHz on Alphasat.

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