Shield for small computer or complet. solution

Where i will buy shield for raspberry pi or other complete working offgrid solution to receive outernet signal?

There is no Raspberry Pi involved in the current Outernet solution.

For the complete solution, go here: and order the DreamCatcher 3.0 kit. It comes with a main board (which has the receiver and processor on it) and the Ku-Band LNB. You will need to supply some RG-6 coax for the feed from the LNB to the receiver board. You will also need to provide a 5v power supply. If you are completely off-grid this might be a solar cell array, a battery, a charge regulator and a power converter to supply 5v. You might also need a laptop or tablet that’s Wi-Fi capable in order to read your news, weather, Wikipedia, etc.

I would “wet lab” this thing in civilization before taking it in the boonies to discover what mechanical parts you might need for the situation you are going to be in.

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–Konrad, WA4OSH

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Is any wideo?
this is normal linux server? I need only power 5V (how many power? 1A? 2A?)
Screen is for user or not?

BTW. Is possible put polish data to outernet? this is good content