Should I buy KerberosSDR if I want to use L-band for passive radar?

I apologize in advance if I wrote in the wrong place. Please tell me where it is better to ask this question.
Is it possible to use a standard passive radar for KerberosSDR to obtain the mixing of the direct GPS signal with the GPS reflection from water?
That is, use the GPS satellite signal (~ 1.5 GHz) as a reference signal and receive it with a large 21 dB passive antenna to which a 60 dB low-noise amplifier is connected. Further, the reflected signal from the water will be received by a second antenna system of the same type, only aimed at the water. As a result of mixing the two signals, we get the frequencies caused by the movement of water (~ 2-20 Hz). I would like to obtain this spectrum of water motion using a standard program using KerberosSDR.

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