Signal strength feedback on CHIP

Guys, I am building a stabilised platform for use on a boat . Is there an analogue signal strength feedback on any of the header pins on the CHIP?

For that matter where can I get a description of the pin layout?


You should not expect to find such a signal on CHIP’s PCB.
Here is the description of the pin lay-out:

We don’t currently provide any analog signal strength feedback over GPIO–but it’s definitely on The List!

This sounds exciting.

Are you going to use 12 volt 10,000 RPM hard drives as the gyroscopic stabilization?

Have you looked at buying a Inmarsat L-Band Helical or Heix antenna that gives a hemispherical antenna reception?

Syed, the PWM PIN looks like a candidate for a simple implementation …

No, I am attempting to stabilise & point the antenna with a mems device and 3 rc servos.

HI Syed, I appreciate that you guys have your hands full but is the analogue signal strength indicator still on the list?

@Gary_Smith Do you mean an icon at the top of all pages so that the tuner app does not need to be opened? If so, that is a question for @Abhishek

No I mean the use of, say, the pwm output pin on the CHIP and similar on the Raspberry Pi to provide an indication of signal strength for use with antenna tracking in mobile applications.

no, that is not happening :wink:

@CRCasey is making terrific progress in that direction over at


This is a perfect example of users adding genuine value. A generic analogue signal strength indicator is not possible as it depends on what kinda device will be consuming this “signal strength”. So the whole thing is application-specific.

You could probably make one easily enough. See here for a client that gets data from one of the services that runs on the distribution. That was some months ago and developed on a Raspberry Pi, I think they redid everything so it may not work.