Skylark 4.4 - what good is it?

Returmig to the Outernet. . sorry Othernet after a few years of a break. I have purchased a new Skylark 5.8 and working through the learning curve. . .

Question/issue: My old Skylark 4.4. . . what can I use it for? Any thoughts/suggestions/tips/software. . .
I don’t want to just toss the board and antenna. . …

If easier, you can email me direct at [email protected] and/or [email protected]

Skylark is the software. Dreamcatcher is the hardware used now. If your original hardware is a chip, rtl-sdr, and l band antenna then you can use the rtl-sdr for receiving almost any radio transmissions. Look into the rtl-sdr blog for tutorials on how to use it. The chip is SBC that can be used for many tasks like a raspberry pi. Unfortunately the company that made it is no longer in business so flashing the correct software may be too difficult to be worth your time. The two I have are sitting in a box because of that reason. The l band antenna can be used to recieve other signals but I haven’t gotten around to doing that yet so I will let someone else tell you about it.
If you have an l band dreamcatcher where everything is on one board you can still do all of the above it is just a little more involved. I never had one so I will let someone else explain that as well.

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Thanks. Anyone want to chime in on the L-band stuff? I don’t want to toss the board in the trash.

As someone who did the C.H.I.P kickstarter campaign, and still actively use them (I have a few PocketCHIPs and ~10 CHIPs), there is still a CHIP community.

Cant chip run pretty much any ARM Linux as long as it has or you build a compatible bootloader image?
Pretty much was an alternative to a Rasberry Pi zero before the zero came out.
The antenna and driver is perfect for getting open stuff off of inmarsat.