Skylark 5.3 for Dreamcatcher 3

Skylark 5.3 for Dreamcatcher 3 (Ku-band) is up on archive

This is a required update for continued reception.

This has some breaking changes so please read this before upgrading:

  1. The release changes all Outernet to Othernet. This means the name of the access point is now “othernet”. The ssh and webui login is also now othernet/othernet. There has also been a change in the way network configuration is stored. Both of these changes require a configuration reset. So if you burn this release over an older release, you MUST do a “Reset Configuration” from the LCD at first boot, otherwise nothing will work. Configuration reset implies the DC3 will reboot into default configuration - Access point mode - and you will have to reconfigure the Wifi station settings and any other settings you might have changed.

  2. The display blanking/unblanking system has been redone. It appears to work as intended now.

  3. The audio streaming system has also been redone and should work much better now.

  4. IMPORTANT: the wire-protocol is changing with this release. The beam will be switched over to the new protocol at approximately 17:00 UTC on 6th September (about 24 hours from the posting-time of this post). Before that time, release 5.3 will not be able to receive packets. After that time, any release earlier than 5.3 will not be able to receive the new protocol packets.

Please report problems/bugs etc in this thread.

Any residual references to “outernet” (the old name) also count as bugs.



I formatted my SD card in my 3.03 to start new OS. Burned v5.3 to the SD card successfully.

I am able to connect as guest, but othernet/othernet returns “invalid credentials”

Ah, MAJICK! Forgot to tell it to “Reset Configuration”. It is now working. Looks good, now can’t wait to get the DATA going!

did you notice any improvement on the lcd blanking/unblanking front?

Doing the “Reset Configuration” is a critical step to reset partition 3 on the SD card if it has been used with Skylark 5.2 or 5.1

But, it is still very difficult to get the touch screen to roll down to that selection. Ken

The lcd blanking/unblanking seems to be ok now. It blanks within minutes and does come back easily with touching the screen. I touched it a few minutes ago, and it did respond right away and lit up. However, what Ken says is true, the “settings” screen is very ill-behaved, and at times appears to have too many lines of text to be able to show them individually in a consistent manner, plus it does not respond well and has to be very carefully “tweaked” with the finger tip to get the correct selection. Perhaps another separate settings selection screen is necessary so that less items can be displayed in a more stable manner, such as re-purpose the graph screen with another settings screen.

does this new wire-protocol increase the data throughput?

note: the download gz file changes its file name while un-gz. It is missing the “5.3” in the file name

The other thing remind us… the reset configuration means you have go back and set up local wifi.
Meaning initially you only have the access point mode available.

16:00 utc. have a lock using v5.3, snr -5, waiting for the magic to happen

I wish this change had be broadcast “over the air” to some screen on v5.2 users as a notice

Now receiving data as of 17:22:20. No audio yet.

what’s odd is my bitrate and packet rate shows 0

Short audio at 17:29. Resumed at 17:33. Quality is good and clear.

I have bit rate 1, packet rate 0

could you please reboot and check if the bitrate and pps still stay the same. also, after reboot (once lcd ui kicks in) how long does the audio take to start playing?

also: are files downloading?

10 seconds for audio after lcd normal screen.

yes two wiki files and several amateur radio , but bitrate, packet rate 0

but 100% valid packet

oops files were old.

could you please report back once a couple files have completed.

also, please report any interruptions in audio longer than a couple seconds.

am looking into the bitrate/pps problem. My receiver was also showing 0 bitrate and pps, but is now showing normal values.

news pack downloaded. no problems,

the the audio is steady good

the dt alternates 37 for audio and 97 for ‘files’

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on reboot, it would not pick up IP address, but audio did restart in 6-10 seconds after acquiring the bird. The audio is now garbled and stopped at 17:48.
To regain the IP, I had to go to settings and reboot in the STA mode ( where it was before reboot ) I have had to do this every time I reboot to regain the IP, otherwise it does not connect…
Bit and Packet rates both at 0 currently and it has dropped the IP connection (weird, or what?)

the IP problems sound weird - was the wifi working allright under 5.2?

Four green balloons on the status board. plus our lone ranger out in India !

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Up and running here in Annapolis, MD (NYC Green Balloon).

Also showing 0 packets, receiving files (Amateur radio, and Wikipedia), no longer can access my external drive with Rachel. Will continue to monitor. Ken

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