Skylark 5.4 for Dreamcatcher 3


Interim Solution to Shut Downs

While the engineers at Othernet work to fix the problem of unexpected shut downs, I have implemented a solution (not the best, but workable). I put an ac timer on my USB power cube to turn it off and on every 12 hours. The effect is a forced reboot. If the first doesn’t do the trick, the second is sure to cure.

Hope this helps someone. Ken


Yes that works for people who are using a standard wall brick they could also use one of those digital light timers so they can have it be shut off like for one min per 12 hrs then the lockups could be prevented but also what if we could edit a Cron job in the Skylark os to reboot it self but that wouldn’t work if it locked up but also there is many other options I’ll have to update this post when I think of more.

I was thinking about this more how many people use the second SD card slot that are experiencing the freezing?


That’s a good point. I’m going to remove my second micro SD card and see how things work. I’ll post results in a day or so. Ken


My DC kicked out of wifi at 9:00 PM EST. I have had a second MicroSD card in use, although it had very little content recorded. I removed it and re-booted aat 9:15 EST.


see the answer to my question…


No News

I ave not seen any news posts since 7 Dec. Wikipedia, audio, APRS, and weather seem fine. Ken


10:15 EST, latest Weather is dated 12-6, latest News is 12-7. What’s new not responding. Messages not responding. Audio is working.

10:25 ReBoot: Same results.


Same content here, but my weather is from November. I was also having a problem in 5.3; the onboard LCD screen controls and Status tab in the Tuner app (in a browser) would randomly freeze and I had to reboot to regain access. I’m also using an empty SD card in the data slot (32 gb), which I will remove today.

Update: Removed SD card, now gribs2 files updating to yesterday


when i removed my second sd card my lockups have stopped so far for the past few days i just have a audio stream issue but i think that’s just my own goof up there i have to do some more testing with that.


It appears the gribs2 files of yesterday were downloaded, but not installed. My weather hasn’t changed, and is not updated when compared to


All I get is this repeating
Dec 9 19:08:28 othernet user.notice root: Discovered /mnt/downloads/opaks/d41d-oscar_oscar_vel9558.tbz2, extracting…
Dec 9 19:08:31 othernet ondd[462]: [carousel] completed: opaks/d41d-oscar_oscar_vel9558.tbz2

process atd keeps seeing ‘stale lockfiles’

edit: update: got it receiving again… had to change to custom frequency 11901.83

nope: that didn’t work… tried ‘configuration reset’, that didn’t work. now trying ‘factory reset’

after a factory reset… now getting news packs. started at

hopefully it get closer to dec 09 sometime


6:30 PM EST found DC with packet lights hung, no wifi connection. Re-Booted.


Same here - - total shut down, Needs a rebooitng. Ken


Everything updated last night, I have today/s news and weather downloaded now. So far no lockups.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon, downloads halted at 0730 PT, after 22:30 hrs uptime.


No joy - - with the extra memory card removed and no adjustment to the Alsmixwr amplitude, I still get locks ups and loss of network connectivity every few hours. It takes at least 2 reboots to come back up on my network after each lock up. Skylark does show a network connection, but is not being assigned an IP address by my router. The Dreamcatcher board is not hot after each event - - just warm as it has always been. Hope this information helps, Ken


12-10-2018 11:30 AM EST found the DC with packet lights hung, wifi disconnected.
11:35 AM EST Re-booted.
11:50, logged in and found the unit downloading currently dated (12-10-2018) items, including news and APRS.
I have not seen any difference in operation since removing the second SDHC card. Will return it to its position next re-boot.
12:03 PM EST trying to read news, packets locked up and wifi stopped.
12:10 PM EST Re-boot. DC booted without wifi address
12:14 PM EST Re-booted using LCD to boot in station mode. DC came on with wifi address this time.
12:20 PM EST Logged back in to try to read news.