Skylark 5.4 On-Line for Viewing


I have made my Dreamcatcher’s Client running Skylark 5.4 available for all to view. It lives on the internet at and operates between 0900 UTC and 0600 UTC. It rests and reboots for 3 hours between 0600 and 0900 UTC.

I welcome those interested to connect to the Guest Login. I suggest other Forum members to do the same and post their address below. Ken

Updated post on 1/17/2019


OMG ! Music, News and Sports for the whole Internet connected world to see! Leave it to Ken. Mighty Fine! Please no commercials!


A brief caveat to all - - if you can’t get into the Skylark between 0900 to 0600 UTC, it is because the Dreamcatcher board failed to reboot properly, and must wait a full day cycle to automatically reboot again.

This happened on Dec 19th. Ken


Wow. Thank you for putting this up. I have been struggling fire some time to get my Dreamcatcher working. Now, more than ever, I hope I can complete my project soon! KENTON


Hi Kenton - - many of us have been with Othernet for a long time and working as amateurs to help them out. If you are in the SES-2 coverage area, check the Wiki for help setting up your terminal. See my forwarded live terminal IP address to get an idea of what Othernet is delivering. Ken


Thanks for putting that online Ken! was great to see what we’ll hopefully get once everything goes live in Europe :slight_smile:


Othernet Status Quirk

As you know, the Dreamcatcher “heartbeat” is sent to It is reported thru your Client router connection.

In my current travels, I have connected fine in Hawaii, but all the hotels’ internet connections are satellited to Los Angeles. Even the cellular internet services T-Mobile provides is satellite connected to (of all places) The Isle of Mann in the UK. So there is no way to see a connection in Hawaii! How about that?? Ken