Skylark 5.5 wiki error bugreport

This seems to happen on most ‘references’ in wiki.

  1. view an article (example “mueller report” 7/25/2019)
  2. scroll down to a reference, I click on the first it brings up a cnbc webpage
  3. mouse select the next listed wiki article and the bug report pops up.

Looking into it, thanks for reporting!

Note: it occurs using windows firefox and epic browsers,
but not in ‘internet explorer’ or microsoft edge

Solved, sort of, I created a new profile in firefox browser, and no more error/bugreport

Just confirming that this only appears on Firefox when you are not logged in. Is that right?

Problem solved, I had to clean out / re-install firefox browser and all the add-on’s. I don’t know what was creating the java conflicts, but it is no longer a problem.

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