Skylark 5.6 for Dreamcatcher 3

Skylark 5.6 for Dreamcatcher 3 (Ku-band) is up on archive

  • Please update from 5.5 in the normal manner: overwrite the 5.5 sdcard with the 5.6 image, without trying to repartition//reformat the sdcard first.
  • While there have been substantial internal changes, theres very few user-visible ones. Mostly bug fixes and stability.
  • Support added for the new EU beam: If you have been using the Custom beam setting to tune to the EU beam, please switch to the preset EU beam after updating to 5.6
  • Support added for the new 3.05 version of Dreamcatcher - your specific hardware is autodetected.
  • For Dreamcatcher 3.05 which comes without a display, a new management function has been added to allow easily switching back to AP mode, and to do config and factory resets. More on this in a seperate post once the board is in users’ hands.
  • Tuner restart bug is fixed.

Dreamcatcher v3.05 is in stock and ready to ship.


Upgraded fine using the overwrite method, not over the air,

Noted one bug on the radio icon, If you start the audio stream and close that app without pausing, the audio continues and there is no way to stop it. If you start the “radio” app a second time it will start a second audio stream, not in sync with first instance.

The only way I find to stop the audio stream is to close the browser screen.

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@ac8dg: which browser(and version) and OS? If possible could you please check on other browsers as well?

Using OS windows 10 home ver 1903
This issue of not stopping the audio stream occurs ONLY in my firefox “Quantum ver 69.0.1 (64 bit)”

It does NOT occur in either microsoft IE ver 11 or microsoft Edge build 18362. they both stop the audio when you red button close the app.

edit: Epic privacy browser is working as it is supposed to (stops on app close)

With new Skylark v5.6: Using Firefox v.69.0 on Windows 10, I am not able to stop the audio in the “Radio” app without closing the browser.

I have not seen this audio issue with my version of Firefox v.69.0.1 (64bit) or Chrome on a Windows 10 64 bit, or Firefox v.69.0.1 (32bit) on a Windows 10 32 bit machine.

I have noted that LED 10 which used to blink green with audio present and LED 11 which used to blink green is the SD data card was installed & active are both solid green on Boot up and when the Dreamcatcher 3.03 is running normally. It was useful for LED 11 to warn me the SD card was being written to so I didn’t remove the card at the wrong time and corrupt a file.

The No Sessions Available issue has gone away - - that’s great news.

Good work Abhishek @Abhishek Ken

Minor item, noticed the copyright on the bottom right Skylark screen is still on v5.5.
Interesting to note, @kenbarbi’s online unit does say v5.6, mine doesn’t. Has there been a correction to the image file?

@maxboysdad: can you please confirm that the 5.6 upgrade actually happened: does the diagnostic screen have the correct info? Did the EU beam show up in the Tuner app?

I can confirm my own receivers all show 5.6 as well.

Yes, the upgrade did happen, all the indications you mentioned are OK, and later in the day, the copyright did show v5.6. Apparently it didn’t set up as quickly. Also could have been the browser, I have seen it use an archived page instead of loading a fresh one sometimes when visiting a previously-used site, and suspect that may be all it was. Sorry for the alarm.

Thank you. Yes - sounds like the copyright “snippet” was cached in the browser from the earlier version, and probably reloaded a bit later. Something for me to look into.

Had the 3.03 board lock up overnight led 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, and wifi usb on solid, heart beat short blips
display un-responsive, on/off un-responsive, Will check again in a few hours

looking at what’s new log, last was news 8:43 local, with a big gap between 6:52am and 8:42 am

from system messages after reboot… last item
Sep 27 10:54:04 othernet user.notice root: Discovered /mnt/downloads/opaks/068d-messages-2019-09-27_10_52.txt.tbz2, extracting…
Sep 27 10:54:05 othernet ondd[512]: [carousel] completed: opaks/068d-messages-2019-09-27_10_52.txt.tbz2

Perhaps you missed this comment Abhishek @Abhishek ? Ken

Upgraded my DC 3.03 in seconds with the SD Card Flash method. Worked fine and all Configs are still there.

Just info, but I, too, had a hang on my v3.02 last night. I have no time data to report, sorry. It has been back solid all day today after reboot.

I too am experiencing lock ups with Skylark 5.6 running on Dreamcatcher v3.03. When locked up, the Touch Screen is not working, LED 6 is solid Green, LED 9 is solid White, LED 8 is fast blinking Green, LED 10, 11, and 3 are solid Green. All other LEDs are off.

I can’t SSH into the DC or get in thru a Browser.

Rebooting resets everything back to working status. Ken

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So far no Lockups on my DC 3.03 since i installed 5.6 yesterday.

Same here. My touchscreen is not working on the 3.02Q or 3.03. Going back to 5.5 until issue is resolved.

I’m thinking the same thing too. When my new 3.05 comes, I’ll run it with 5.6 for awhile. It is possible (thou not a great idea) that 5.6 only works well with the 3.05. Ken