Skylark 5.8 Stops Working when Connected to Wifi Router

This past week, my primary Dreamcatcher (DC) v3.05 running Skylark 5.8 lost its Wifi connection to my home router - - it just stopped. I checked my micro SD card and attempted to run Skyark 5.8 in my older Dreamcatchers v3.02Q and v3.03, all to no avail. The touch screens in the v3.02Q and v3.03 showed a connection to a Wifi network, but never obtained an IP address. I suspect that was the same situation in the v3.05.

I was able to restore all the DCs to the Hotspot mode either with the PB switch on the v3.05 or the touch screens on the other units. When running in the Hotspot mode, my gear running Skylark 5.8 worked fine.

The only way I was able to restore a connection to my Wifi network, was to load Skylark 5.5 (which I had a copy of) onto the micro SD card, and configure the Network appropriately. After that operation, I reloaded Skylark 5.8, and my DCs all worked fine.

Has any one else experienced this problem? Ken

Hi Ken

I seem to have noticed a similar problem. My board ia a Dream Catcher V3.03 with the touch display.
The software is Skylark 5.8 My setup is connected to the router as well. A few days ago I could not connect to the set up. I checked the board and it was running fine with a strong signal. I power cycled the board and all was fine. After seeing your post I tried connecting to the board and found the same problem. I did the power cycle and could connect again as usual. I normally have have no problems connecting using the ip address or http://othernet.local/ It seems like this problem just started to pop up.


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I’ve had this problem intermittently even back on 5.5, times I would power on the device, and it would not connect to the network. I feel like it is a race condition between the closed source daemon, and the network startup script.

Same here too. I was able to reconnect after multiple power cycles too until recently.

I believe this is an issue Syed needs to look into on his next revision to Skylark since I am not alone with this problem. Ken

After more work on my Dreamcatcher v3.05, I discovered the micro SD card with Skylark 5.8 had been corrupted. In addition to it being unable to consistently log into my Wifi, I also was losing Bias-T voltage on a daily basis, and was unable to activate the Touch Screen in the DC v3.03 when I inserted my micro SD card into it.

My solution was to do a complete wipe with Rufus set to check for bad blocks - -

Then reload Skylark 5.8 with belenaEtcher, and reconfigure my setup. Hope this helps others exeriencing the same problems. Ken

Mine happens on a fresh SD with 3.03, solution for me is to serial in and wait for dmesg to say “wlan0 link is ready” then manually sudo udhcpc -i wlan0

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