Skylark Crash! (with added charactors to make the title long enough for the "discuss" software)

Skylark 4.4 has been running since I flashed it with no issues, then today ( 2 April) at 08:55 GMT it crashed…
I was out and came back and found that I was connected to the wifi , but had no webpages.
The system log is almost amusing :slight_smile:
here is a screenshot ( if you want the whole log, let me know where it lives in the files system so I can grab it )

Yes can you post a link to the log on Pastbin @Abhishek

I will, but can you tell me where in the CHIP to find the log itself :slight_smile:
Interesting to note that there was an M5 solar flare just a little before that crash that caused an HF blackout over this part of the Earth that just ended at 0855GMT … weird…