Skylark Weather App Instructions

With the current storm activity in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, I believe it is time to revisit and provide an up to date instruction set on how to navigate the Weather App - -

Explanations of the control screen will be helpful especially how to navigate it to select the latest weather reports and find your location - -

This information has been provided before in various Forum Discussions, but would better be shown on the Othernet WIKI page. Ken

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Since this the first US category 4 storm, I would like to see a news feed related to weather .
This might ??? mean we could get the four hour severe forecasts — for
US coasts, the seven seas, … what is available ??? .

But get in the news feeds might be easier then modifying the weather app.

As I zoom in the current storm I click and see winds at 86 km/hr. But the scale bar
disappears after choosing the settings.

As a reminder, the mouse roller scroller allows zoom in and out