[solved] EU beam down (21-Mar-2020)

Could someone give the EU satellite feed a kick please? I’m not getting any data and looking at the status page, neither are the other EU colleagues.

73 and thanks!

Here its also down obereip.selfhost.de

73s, Wolfgang, DH2WS

Thanks. Looking into it.

Fixed! Thanks for kicking…

Poderia me dizer,o caminho pra logar na internet da Othernet?

Othernet proporciona solo servicio de enlace descendente. Debe comprar una placa de circuito Dreamcatcher para acceder a “Othernet Internet” en https://othernet.is/products/dreamcatcher-v3-05

Othernet provides downlink service only. You need to purchase a Dreamcatcher circuit board to access “Othernet Internet” at https://othernet.is/products/dreamcatcher-v3-05


Sergio, piense en Othernet como “radio de onda corta” por satélite. Se transmite información enviada en una dirección. El contenido lo decide el personal de Othernet. Contiene muchos elementos que valen la pena. Si desea ver cómo se ve una pantalla de Dreamcatcher en América del Norte desde el satélite SES-2, vaya a, que es mi contenido de puerto reenviado. Si desea ver cómo se ve en el área de Europa, África del Norte y Medio Oriente, vaya al contenido reenviado por el puerto de Wolfgang en http://obereip.selfhost.de/

Think of Othernet as “short wave radio” by satellite. It is broadcast information sent in one direction. The content is decided on by the Othernet staff. It contains many worthwhile elements. If you want to see what a Dreamcatcher screen looks like in North America from the SES-2 satellite, go to which is my port forwarded content. If you want to see what it looks like in the European, North Africa, Middle East area, go to Wolfgang’s port forwarded content at http://obereip.selfhost.de/ Ken

:frowning_face: :scream:

When this occurs, include @Syed in your post so that he is aware and can try to fix it.

Thanks. Looking into this.

We are back up.

ok,tnx. :+1:

@Syed the EU beam needs another kick - we’re all red…

Thanks. Checking.

It’s back up.

@Syed, if it is ok to say, what typically causes these downtimes?
Just my general interest in the whole system.

Server bug.

6:51 MDT 05-28-2020
I just noticed that all the balloons in Europe are red tonight.


7:20 MDT 05-28-2020
All appears to be corrected now.