[solved] No data coming in (9-Mar-2020)? Audio ok

Is something going on with the data feed? Radio comes in fine, but my “what’s new” doesn’t show anything since yesterday, no APRS updates and I don’t see any files dated today.

Had a look at two other online Skylarks (EU and US) and they seem to be in a similar state.

In West Texas, I’m asking myself the same question. Because of a rare bout of rain, I first thought it was just a weather-related decrease in signal, but it is sunny and dry today. I survived the recent frequency change, tweaking of signal, and upgrade to 5.8, but now things seem to have ground to a halt. I’ve got signal lock and nearly 100% valid packets, but nothing new since the morning of March 8.

I see no valid data since 9am EDT march8.
My system messages (in the log viewer) has lot’s of entries

Mar 9 20:05:15 othernet2 user.warn ondd[465]: [carousel] invalid signing certificate

This is happening to me, too. I tried upgrading to the new Skylark 5.8, but no luck. The “Tuner” app shows lock=yes. The SNR is worse. On the old satellite settings, I was getting SNR around -9.5, now I’m getting -12.5 or -13. The Packets Received and Valid packets are counting up (98% valid packets), but there’s nothing showing up under the “Transfers” section like it used to.

I am also getting lots of these errors in the system messages…
Mar 9 19:58:30 othernet user.warn ondd[461]: [carousel] invalid signing certificate

BTW, I’m in South Carolina. My “Othernet Radio” wasn’t working earlier today, but it’s working again now (such as it is). :slight_smile: It’s fine on voice, but terrible on music - I’m sure that’s due to the BPS rate. It’s the same as it was previously, when the news feed was working.

I can confirm that here in Maryland. No data since 0900 EDT on 8 March. My Audio is fine. This is a head end problem needing a solution. Ken

Someone must have given the feed a kick - data streaming in again at my end.

As Jruys says, the feed restarted a little after 5:00 pm EDT. Thanks!

Yep - working here again.

Yep here too working again. Ken

Yeah, sometimes you need to throw a little water at the server to wake it up.

Hope that the server is not in some closet in Ukraine Syed :slight_smile:
Can you put up a server stat page so we don’t “panic” ?