SPOT X messaging

Spot are introducing two way messaging

Good info — not yet really affordable IMO,
the globalstar 24 satellites are at an altitude of 878 miles and talk to the handhelds
at 1610.73 to 1625.4 MHz, kind of a 40 character tweet w/gps coordinates

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I ran across this last week.


Interesting $319 device to couple with your Smart phone for voice, data, and text. Described as working on Iridium with data plans from $15 to $50 per month with no annual contract.

Compare this to Iridium Blue Cosmo already available - -


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These devices might be useful to outernet as a content request system…


Yes - - I could envision one 2-way terminal for short burst requests for content from members in a group of networked Outernet users. If Outernet could work up a protocol for a request, then a delivery of content, we could achieve a quasi 2 - way internet style connection.

This might be something @Abhishek might think about. It would be easy to test by us sending in the requests, and then seeing the answers on Outernet. Issues of latency and automation of content retrieval would have to be worked out. It seems like we did something similar to this when we posted short content articles via Twitter. Ken

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Setting up a script that searched wikipedia for the terms in an email header should be fairly straightforward.

if there was a [email protected] email address set up

The script could search Wikipedia for the subject line

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