Starting with lighthouse

Hello All
I am planning to start using the Lighthouse. I am a lecturer and I would like to use this to share files with my classes. I can buy the lighthouse box from someone and he can help me set it up.

I would very much appreciate if you can share with me from your experience answers to the following points

  1. are you intending to launch a new box and in that case should I wait or get the I can purchase now
  2. I read that you broadcast 200MB over the course of the day. How much of that goes to Africa?
  3. To publish content on outernet you need approval and is this a long process? Does it cost anything?
  4. How many devices (laptops, mobile phones) can connect to the lighthouse at the same time?

Thank you

The box you purchase now will continue to work even if we release a new one. I’m not sure about the ETA on any new devices, though.

It’s 1GB/day and it’s the same in all supported regions.

@ThaneRichard ping

5 with the built-in WiFi radio, more if it’s over a dedicated WiFi router. You can also attach a Tenda WM311M WiFi dongle and get upwards of 20 clients to connect at the same time.