Status Dashboard page

When attempting to connect to, I get a Shopify page. Ha s the address changed or is it just down?

yeah seems to be offfline currently

The Shopify Thingy seems to be the default page. i once entered instead of and was sent there too.

1 Like is sent there too at the moment… So no Skylark Downloads. @Syed is this intentional or a config mishap?

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Yes, there is a ton of house cleaning to do. The downloads/firmware will move to Github, as will the list of files that are being broadcast. Lots of work to do in the coming months. Slowly be surely.

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So does a status page exist. Has someone listed the available links. Checking the WIKI page for a “STATUS” maybe ? To be informed of the status. The othernet is still down ?

We may be rebuilding the status-page. Before putting for the effort, I wanted to gauge interest in the page. Is it really useful to everyone? Is there anything new to be considered for the next version of the status-page?

Absolutely valuable! When you redo it, it needs to read the SNR’s correctly. Previously, it showed Green balloons of SNR with no LOCKS at those locations.

As to users who wish to preserve stealth, they have to consider their Dreamcatcher reporting in which could expose them to the authorities. It’s easy for them to block the reports back, if they know the outgoing URL from the Dreamcatcher. I suggest you provide that. Ken

Yes, the firmware on the new Dreamcatcher will definitely allow opt-in of the telemetry feature.

We were previously washing the locations of IP addresses. What is an acceptable amount of location-offset? 5, 10, 50 miles?

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Exact location is not important, but I would like to see some data when you click/hover over a balloon. For example. -time of last telemetry report. but NOT the users info/ip data… protect the users.

Maybe have the user have both an ‘opt-in’ and a frequency interval option… example every 5 minutes or every hour ?

I would recommend using an interactive map like the on is use for HRPT Stations on my Website:

Showing some Infos on the Stations like Uptime, Signal Strenght etc. would be nice on hover.
Of course a Opt-In As Mentioned would be good, maybe the Option for the User to Enter his Location as a HamRadio locator would be nice, i use this on my HRPT map as well:

An interval of once an hour or somethign should be enough to keep traffic low.

Though the downside to large intervals is that they provide no feedback on the current status of the broadcast.

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You are right, then a Selectable Interval would the better Option, standard 5 Minutes or something, if someone wants to save bandwidth he can lower it.


The status page is definitely needed. I used the old one many times to determine if I was the only one with a reception problem. It also shows there are other like-minded “Otherneters” in the world chasing the dream! A little better resolution on the map is definitely needed.


Absolutely, missing it very much right now with the change. Update rate of even an hour would be fine.

The page is back up, but nothing is reporting. It’s a problem on our part. Looking at it.

currently it only shows the synology logo and a Sorry page

Yeah, still working on it.

Ok, it’s back to working three way it was before. There will be improvements in the future.


Thanks, looking good. Will be useful when the signal returns…