Status Dashboard page

The page is back up, but nothing is reporting. It’s a problem on our part. Looking at it.

currently it only shows the synology logo and a Sorry page

Yeah, still working on it.

Ok, it’s back to working three way it was before. There will be improvements in the future.


Thanks, looking good. Will be useful when the signal returns…

very nice new status page, tnx a lot. good job!

Thx! Was quite a lot of work but i’m happy with the Result :slight_smile:
The Backend is also revised btw. should be faster and way better to expand/change stuff in the future.

Status Page is down - -


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did you use https?

It should force https now.

Wow - - what a change :heart_eyes: No I didn’t use https, but all’s well now. Cool beans! Ken

Yeah, @Tysonpower did an amazing job.

There where some big caching issues, they are now resolved :slight_smile:
The new Statuspage should be always within 30s of the latest telemetry received by the Server.

Good night :sleeping_bed:

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As many have already noticed i build a new Status Page in the past days, here is a quick overview of the Features:

  • Interactive Map, zoom in and out or drag the Map as you like
  • fast Update of 30s, instead of the 5min interval before
  • Markers in Red or Green (SNR > -16db)
  • Click on a Map Marker to view a few infos of the Client
  • Table with more Information about the Stations
  • The Table row of the selected Marker will be marked so you canf ind it
  • clicking a Table row will toggle the marker Popup in the Map
  • Satellite Beam coverage marked on the Map
  • rewritten Telemetry backend, status page also on HTTPS now


https:/ /

Really a fantastic site - - thank you Manuel. I can almost stop by to visit :heart_eyes: Ken


:wink: You will never Find me! Check the Receiver marked tynet, it’s nowhere near Cologne thx to my VPN :grin:

Btw, i do a small random Positioning (around 10-20km or so) due to overlapping Markers we had before, so the exact position (ip positioning isn’t accurate anyways) will not be shown.

Haha me too. But, I’m pretty easy to find


How does the zooming work? There are no button controls and my mouse wheel does nothing… with or without ctrl.

Did you get the hand when you moved the mouse pointer into the map? Ken