Stream unknown?

I have been having fun listening to the audio streams for the past several days. But today “black Friday”… No audio and get the message "stream unknown " when I look the tuner status…

stream is still working normally. You have probably lost signal - maybe theres local interference?

please try rebooting the receiver.

A little off topic: Can something be added to the watchdog timer to initiate a reboot if there are several hours of “nothing to do” during the “starting cleanup” ?

Or maybe that it has “discovered” nothing in /mnt/downloads/ for several hours.

Lots of nothing to do, indicates something is not right with the receiver.

When the clean task says “nothing to do”, its because there’s already enough free space available on the sdcard, and there is no need to delete old files to make space.

For the receiver to function properly, there’s a minimum required free space that needs to be available at all times. Otherwise file-reception, updates etc will fail to complete, as the software won’t have storage space available to use for temporary intermediates.

It does not mean the receiver isn’t receiving.

Note that this cleanup is separate from the periodic cleanup of News, Weather, and Messages - that happens even if there is no shortage of space.

Additionally, I have explicitly stayed away from asynchronous reboots - those get in the way of the user. Reboots happen only due to user-action, with one exception - immediately after an OTA update has been applied. It was a judgement call - I was in half mind to not reboot even after the update, but that would have meant the update might not kick in for weeks and months in some cases, leaving the receiver in a transitory stage.

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A reboot DID resolve the issue!
Thanks, Bill