@Syed could you please provide the source version of the dreamcatcher3 kernel device tree definition?
( arch/arm/boot/dts/sun5i-a13-dreamcatcher.dts in the kernel tree )

If you could, I would greatly appreciate it.


If you have a linux machine with device-tree-compiler installed, you can decompile the dtb: dtc -O dts -o sun5i-a13-dreamcatcher.dts -I dtb sun5i-a13-dreamcatcher.dtb

Of course, having source to rebuild would be better.

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For those interested, I have spent a lot of time with dts files lately, and finally converted it over to a proper dts format for the kernel (so now we can use stuff like &pio) … overlays don’t work with Othernet’s Armbian image, however, getting my own proper dts to work is one step closer to our own armbian build system.

More soon.