T bias failed

now i have another trouble.
with my tv set topbox, i can watch tv chanel on astra 3b, but with my dreamcatcher i can’t lock to othernet freuency : i have a T bias failed error in diagnostic.
does the problem come because of my power supply dreamcatcher, i use a 5v 2a adapter.
i repeat with my set top box, i lock to astra 3B chanel tv, but with my dreamcatcher i have t bias failed error and thn i can’t lock to othernet.
mybe also, my satellite cable is too long?
please help., thanks in advance.

Hi U_M, I am not an expert here, but I believe if you see bias-T failed, it indicates you may have a continuity problem with your coax to the LNBF, or the connection to the dreamcatcher board of the center conductor in the coaxial cable. The dreamcatcher bias-t DC voltage does have to be connected directly from the dreamcatcher to the LNBF. We have had varying experiences with length of coax, but do have members who are running long coax with no problem up to 500 feet (150 Metres). You may want to check and see if you have an interruption in the coax shield or center conductor. You may want to address/contact @Syed if this does not help.

Yes I agree with Jerry. I run a 500 ft cable to my LNB with an in-line amp at both ends. I did run into the center connection problem awhile ago. It was very insidious in that everything looked good, but was open inside the connector between the board and the SMA connector cable. Another member found the same problem after we suggested he look into this. Ken