Teaching English

I taught English in Thailand for three years. One of my most important resources was “Breaking News English” online. Each day they posted 2 complete lessons to include worksheets and mp3 sound files on some current news story of interest to a international audience. One lesson was at a basic level and is more advanced level.

Their copyright allows reproduction and hosting on other sites as long as they are given credit for their work.

Here is a link.

Looking at the licensing terms, it doesn’t look viable for use on outernet at first glance. Perhaps with the publisher’s permission, given the circumstance of the platform, it could be broadcast.

…would be a good opportunity for us non-native speakers. Thank you for the link!

@wsombeck Are you aware of any really useful public license/Creative Commons ESL content?

I will look through my records and will upload what I have available. I will contact breaking news English directly as a teacher and outernet advocate and ask them to become a direct contributer.

no, I am not a teacher, but an interesting way for newbies is C.K. Ogdens “Basic English” with only 850 words https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_English. For us german learners Robert Warnke designed a course on only 32 pages. ( http://rowa.giso.de/languages/english/basic-english/latex/index.html ). Perhaps there are similar possibilities for other countries?