Terrestrial LoRa Chat and FT8 Transmissions with Dreamcatcher 2301

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator, firmware is now available which enables two Dreamcatchers to exchange text messages. The new firmware also enables FT8 transmissions, but these can only be received by a dedicated FT8 receiver; an RTL-SDR with the right software, for example.

To be clear, this is for terrestrial transmissions–and is only available to hams.

It’s pretty neat. The firmware is available here:


This is interesting. I am not terribly interested in FT8 (I am heavy into JS8) . I do like playing with Lora though…I need to find time to mess with this, thanks for sharing!

In theory, we can eventually support JS8. If there is interest in what we just released then we will look at JS8 on the Dreamcatcher.

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The messaging feature requires two dreamcatchers to be near each other. Can you offer 2nd time purchase discount and/or a discount on the simultaneous purchase of multiple dreamcatchers from the othernet store?

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Sure, 15% off for the second Dreamcatcher.


How do I get that in the store? Is there a discount code to apply at check out?

Thank you

Please send me a PM and I’ll get you set up.