Thane Richard Tweets Not Displaying

I have been noticing the arrival of Tweets marked @thanerichard in my Apps log, but do not see them displayed in the Tweets Section of the Librarian. I see the same thing on Wolfgang’s Lighthouse too. This has been going on for several weeks. Any thoughts here? Ken

Do you see an errors in the application log?

I see that last tweet by Thane was on Feb 25. It’s possible that the file you received was just empty (no new tweets).

I get no errors just normal json arrivals:

I looked back in my Tweets to 25 Feb, and can’t find any from Thane.

I also looked at my Tweet categories, and can’t find an “at category” for Thane:

The same applies to Wolfgang’s received Tweets, but I can’t see his app log, but suspect it looks the same. Ken

Thane hasn’t tweeted since the 25th. If you have tweets from before that time and do not have tweets from Thane, that is odd.

Twitter doesn’t raise an error when it finds an empty twitter file. It opens the file, sees there’s nothing in it, deletes it and considers it a successful import.

I’ve patched twitter so it should no longer send out empty JSON files.

I found Thane’s 25 Feb Tweet, but it never appeared in my Librarian Twitter Section. Here are the specifics from my App Log:

It appears just like all other Tweets coming into my Lighthouse, but unlike all other Tweets, it never gets displayed in the Librarian Twitter Section. Ken

Scrap that theory, Thane actually tweeted a couple times this month. I don’t have time to look into why his is the only feed affected at the moment, but i’ll try to remember to update here when i’ve had a chance to check it out.

OK I’ll wait. I suppose Thane’s posts are not too important. Ken