The NEXT Step In Outernet Delivery

I know your small staff @Syed @Abhishek @zoltan has its hands full now with new hardware, and filling all your back orders from DXers, FTA Enthusiasts, HAMS, and other techies - -

but we need to start planning on getting Outernet equipment into the hands of disadvantaged communities where it can be most useful. Those of us with stable systems view your uploads daily and find them useful. Some of us have added additional local capabilities such as Rachel ( to make them even more useful.

I remember back in the Ku Band days your guys installing dishes and power supplies on hut rooftops in Africa, but not much along those lines have happened in a while.

Don’t think of this as “pressure to do something”, but merely to open a dialog among Forum members. I’m sure many of us could be available (pro bono) to help out. Ken

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Even here in the United States there are many disadvantaged communities. Let’s just take for example the state of Alaska. There are many Inuit communities and others that have little or extremely expensive internet. This would fill a need and at a very reasonable price.

I recently visited a residential school in Sitka, AK where kids from these villages came to this STEM magnet school and had their lives changed. I demonstrated the Outernet to them and they were wowed.

Slightly off the subject but wanted to thank KenBarbi for the nice article on Outernet in the Spectrum Monitor

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I believe this is the point of the Lantern. We’re early adopters and testers to help support a long-term product that can be easily shipped and cheaply deployed into communities where it is needed.

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Perfect example - - NOW we need to get them (meaning buy and install) a terminal to connect to their system (router network) so they can all benefit from the Outernet feeds. Sounds like we can send them a terminal and they have the knowledge to connect it up. Ken

Your thoughts Syed @Syed Ken

This is a good starting point, Bob, if there is interest. Sitka is not too far off the beaten path to get to.

You or I can do it. What do you think? Ken


@Mudflap @DarkStar Yes, this is exactly what the whole point of Outernet was. I should say still is, but I’m bogged down with so many operational and business-related issues that I’m not able to focus on this at all.


I’m interested in this too…

I think cracking a reliable 24hr solar solution is key for many use cases.

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I was just in Sitka, AK less than a month ago at the Edgecumbe School. I think I will be returning in the early Fall as a continuation of the GenCyber activity.

24 hour solar with a usable battery than can withstand the weather would be great.

On the electronics, packaging is everything.


I understand. There is likely some funding for us to pull off at least a prototype and test set up in Sitka, AK at Edgecumbe School for testing. There is a terrific STEM teacher there who spent several years living in an Inuit village.

I will keep you apprised of the forward motion so I can plan on getting and packaging the needed equipment before I go again.


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Good - - I will pay for the hardware from Outernet (note this @Syed) that Bob will install.

Bob, I don’t know if you need help installing a Lantern, but I’d be more than happy to jump on a plane and join you.

Let’s make this happen :slight_smile: Ken


OK @Syed Syed, this is what we need: A Lantern box with your new LNA/SDR board, patch antenna, newest CHIP, a USB power cord, and a LIPO. We need it now and will burn it in for a month before we go to Sitka.

Let me know when it can be made available. This Summer is the ideal time to go to Sitka as Bob will confirm. Ken

Sam, we’ve done wonders here. I’m sure you’ll agree the terminal Bob and I install in Sitka needs to be “bullet proof”. Ken

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For most situations this is what i’d do (not Alaska cold will kill lead acid)

100w flexible solar
100Ah battery

On paper it’s overkill, but would actually work reliably.

In situations where security is important The battery/lantern could be mounted in a steel box, and the solar could be bolted to a sheet of steel, which could then be bolted to the floor.

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You do realize the Lantern is still in development, right?

I’m sure once it is finalized, they’ll be available for purchase here on the website – however right now they only have the receiver kit available (no enclosure):

You’ll want to get your order in as it looks like they aren’t shipping more until June!

You’re right - - I forgot that. I though Outernet was coming out with an enclosure sooner rather than later. I have 2 Lanterns here, one is the signal attenuating ABS plastic, and the other has the clear case which works fine.

The only way to make a terminal work right in Sitka is with the clear case. A DIY kit won’t do. Let me think about that. Thanks, Ken

For about $40 you can put the DIY kit into a IP69 rated polycarbonate case. However, the case I used is getting hard to find at a reasonable price.

Any terminal we deliver to Sika must run 30 days without shutdowns or other glitches at levels similar to the following which I customarily get in Annapolis, MD on Americas. Ken

What type of solar panel is being used? Specifically, which make and model?