The tools and means for it all

Why doesnt your shop have the camping version satellite that you have advertised in the shop and could i hook-up my normal internet modem directly to a dish where would i get there software to recive the connection?

The portable receiver is still being developed. It’s not yet in production.

As for software and hardware required to receive Outernet today, check out this topic:

Isnt that only your version of a reciver right so i could technically turn my modems/routers wich are recivers from a antenna to satellite dish recivers also…

In theory yes. There’s one catch, though. The software that converts the stream to files is currently only running on Linux ARM v6 (Raspberry Pi). You might get away with some other ARMv6 device, but you’re on your own. It’s also proprietary (not developed by us) so you won’t be able to obtain the sources and cross-compile on other platforms (unfortunately).

If you was able to make the official reciever react as a router, you could hook anything with a wireless radio up to it as you would with any router.

The official receiver will be a Wi-Fi hotspot. The official install scripts can also create a Wi-Fi router.

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As an FYI to everyone, our goal is to eventually open-source the stream-to-file software that we are currently using. We made a big step in having it available to everyone for free, now the next step is to open source it so that the stream is essentially broadcast in the clear.