Thermal Problems

Hi, since some days i have this problem that my cpu from the CHIP gets extremly hot. 10 Seconds after turn the CHIP the CPU has 40°C and 2 minutes later it climbs up to 70°C. Now i flashed to Skylark 4.4 and it gets 76°C. Is this normal for this type of CPU? On the Ram Chip i put a graphic card ram cooler but its to chunky and doesn’t fit on the cpu. What can i do?

Greetings from Germany :wink:

That’s a little warm. The max temp for the R8 cpu is 70C. You can get heat sinks meant for a raspberry pi that will fit. I bought these for my chip. The little ones fit perfectly over the cpu.

Thanks, i buyed it for a long time and after search a while i found on from that set that fits. Now one sits on the CPU. The cpu is now at 64°C.