Timescale or cost for European coverage

Is there a timescale for coverage in Europe? Would this be accelerated if someone were to cover the transponder cost (or part of) in return for some of the available bandwidth?

thats a question for @syed

@nashenden We are holding off on adding European coverage until we find a local partner to work. What you describe is definitely worth discussing. Feel free to PM if this is something you would like to pursue.

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Stephen - - beam sharing sounds interesting. If a partner joins, 2 separate systems could be set up on the single beam. One would be what we know as Othernet with the Dreamcatcher/Skylark software, and the partner’s piece could be the proprietary Dreamcatcher/Skylark equipment/software tailored to the partner’s requirements. The partner’s quid would be use of Othernet’s concepts, and it wouldn’t interfere with our Othernet. Ken

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As a start it doesn’t even need to be that complex. The partners data could be simply transmitted in an encrypted form (their choice/ risk of method)… only their receivers / systems would know how to interpret the data. I’m sure much of it wouldbe routine and not security conscious in any case - ‘here is todays bulletin’ or ‘switch on these street lamps / this pump’. All hardware and 95% of the software in the chain could be common. Someone still has to find the uplink and space segment costs upfront though !

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@nashenden is correct on both counts.