Today, the outernet is working? In South america Countries?

Hello! I’m brazilian and newbie here!
I would like if at these days the outernet is working around the world?
And if I buy one Lantern device, I’ll can access the Outernet now?

Sorry my ignorance about the Outernet!

Best regards,
Anderson Pedroza

Right now, there is no coverage in South America, but there will be eventually.

Thane wrote "When the Lantern signal goes on, it will be completely global. "

I think they are still aiming for next summer, but personally I expect manufacturing delays

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It’s actually working in Argentina. I’m using a GPS active antenna (modified) and a RTL2832u SDR receiver. Also I’m using a 75cm satellite dish. I have around 10dB SNR.


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Hola Juan Pablo, soy de Argentina y tengo los mismos elementos que vos. Podrias orientarme como configurarlo? soy de Rosario. Saludos

Hola Luciano, cómo estás? Hace bastante que lo tengo apagado. Creo que desactivaron el servicio en banda L. De todas maneras, con lo que te puedo orientar es que le hayas sacado el filtro a la antena de GPS y que primero mires con el SDR# el frequency drift. Los RTL2832 suelen irse unos cuantos kHz y el receptor estándar no anda. Es decir, que tenés que configurar una frecuencia de portadora bastante exacta a la que reciba tu SDR. Espero haber sido claro. Cualquier cosa consultame.


Martín, te molestaria si nos comunicamos por whatsapp? Mi número es +5493416836707 así te muestro mis elementos. Saludos y muchas gracias

Hello everyone, I’m Brazilian and I wanted the tutorial step by step with building the equipment to have access …

@jxdm, our name is changed, now called Othernet. Currently, there is only service to North America via Satellite SES-2 located at 87W. Other satellites are in negotiation, but not operable at this time. You may find the following link useful in your quest to build the equipment: Jerry (@maxboysdad)

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Thanks a lot for the help

I live in the middle of the Amazon rainforest we do not have internet I’m in the city of Manaus at the moment to look for a way to have Internet I found you on the Internet I was very happy but now I do not know how I’m going to build I would like to go helping me through whatsapp +5592984473054

@jxdm, please understand that Othernet is not a provider of Internet, but is a one-way streaming service.
" Othernet Inc is a broadcast data company that was previously known as Outernet. Due to trademark issues, the name of the company and service was changed in July 2018. Othernet sells a portable satellite data receiver that combines an amplifier, radio, and CPU in a single unit". Wikipedia
In order to build the receiver (Dream Catcher), you need to purchase the version 3.03 Dreamcatcher unit from Othernet (see:
I (@maxboysdad) am not a part of the company, but a user/experimenter, myself. I would be happy to assist you when I can, however, understand that my knowledge here is limited to personal experience only. You may want to include @Syed in your questions, as he may have better answers.

Ok, thank you, friend, for helping.