Today's (08-27) audio


Today’s audio streaming was extremely bad, much stuttering and reloading. My DC 3.02Q was re-booted at around 12:06 EDT today and the audio played 27350 frames of the 27351 received. Then it hung. Everything else looks OK.


Thanks for the feedback. We’re currently doing some work on the audio broadcast. I’m surprised that you saw such a severe degradation. What was it like before?

The entirety of Khan Academy is currently in a playlist for 24/7 audio streaming.


I am glad to see something changing… I thought everyone had gone on summer vacation.

So far I decoded 935365 and counting (16:15 edt) audio frames

A stutter every 5 seconds… wish it could be buffered… BTW snr is -3 so good signal


My apologies for not getting an answer back to you earlier, I was unavoidably delayed by a serious glitch in my computer’s OS, which is not Linux.
Jim, thanks for the report on audio frames from your unit.
Like Jim’s unit, mine also is stuttering at about that same five second interval.
To answer @Syed, it was similar to this before. It does not appear to have changed a lot. The quality of the distinguishable (is that a legal word?) audio is good, although I would need to amplify it a bit to work with my own handicap.
I re-booted the 3.02Q this morning at 0530 EDT, so will see how it looks later in the day, I will try to get back with a report around noon EDT.


Audio this morning up to 12:15 PM EDT: frames received: 4400701 played:4400700 status: hung/no play.
Re-booted 3.02Q at 12:25 PM EDT. Now playing audio. Audio has stuttering occasionally and repeats, such as (example) “this involves, this involves, this involves” often. Overall sound quality is good.


Yes mine froze/locked up this morning. I have had this issue last month during audio testing. The display is non-responsive, the wifi edup led is on continuously (but no wifi connection). the led5 busy (the 3.03) is on bright, no packets or audio flashes. The only re-course is to pull the plug and restart.

For the last 4 or 6 hours is back in operation… but in july it was locking up about once per day. However, in august I made in 18 days in continuous operation… I don’t have the root cause figured out.


Hi Jim, the only problems that I am seeing currently are related to the audio. We are not experiencing any problems with the other functions of the Dreamcatcher v.3.02Q. Mine seems to stay online and at work consistently all the time. I have set up the v.3.03 several times in the field with consistent good results, but have only experienced audio with it one of those times, but the current problem seems worse than what we saw a month or so ago.
It is 2:40 PM EDT and the audio streaming is hung again, this time at 13451 frames received, 13450 frames played. So it made it a little over two hours on the last re-boot. The signal strength and snr are well within specifications, as is the bit rate. Must be something related to the decoder. Perhaps they are working to solve this. I piped the audio througn an amplifier in my work room so I could listen, but it does a stutter once and awhile, and has multiple repeats of short phrases, up to seven or eight times in a row before moving on to normal sounding speech again.