Trying NTFS external storage on Lighthouse 2.5

Good - - then to review . . . when my hard drive (WD 1 TB My Passport) is reformatted NTFS (NTFS is OK now with no drive name required anymore), I just plug the hard drive into the Lighthouse without powering it off?? Ken

Yeah, that should do the trick.

Lighthouse 2.5 Working Fine

The NTFS formatted hard drive is working on my Lighthouse. Files got transferred from the internal drive which I ran for 6 hours before I plugged in the hard drive. New data is being recorded to the hard drive. The Library is displaying new pages (with a selected picture posted above the title):

Twitter feeds arrive selectively with images embedded. So far the Outernet Weekly Selection for the Week of 2016_02_01 contains TED Talk and Vimeo Videos.

Since I restarted my Lighthouse to a stable version using the SD boot method, and reformatted my hard drive, I deleted all the old files. I hope the Outernet team might consider re-transmitting some of their old Dec 2015 and Jan 2016 files - - particularly the Rachel Modules.

Good on you all :smiley: Ken