Tuner Settings "glitched"?

Very new to the Outernet game. I’ve a pi-3, running RXOS 3.1. Last night it was running nicely, though I did notice something odd before it was receiving data. Under tuner settings, there was no indication of data being received, and a very low SNR reading 0.040db. Now what was interesting, was if I reloaded the tuner settings page, and selected tuner settings, the page displayed a higher SNR (6-7db), with an indication that a file was being downloaded. Within about one second, the display SNR reverted to 0.040db with no indication of a file in the display, and the low signal level information never changing. After about 45 minutes, the tuner setting display did come back with what I believed to be a reasonable SNR reading (again 6-7db), and the file that was only glimpsed momentarily, showed itself to be downloading, with a continuous display of its name. Is this normal behavior for the tuner setting display? It would seem it is reverting to old information in the display, even though it is receiving data, and is actually working with a higher db signal. I could reflash the SD card, but if this is normal, and characteristic of the current 3.1 software, I won’t bother. Just curious as to why I’m seeing this odd tuner setting display.

Hi ther,

Sometimes it does that, just leave it for an hour or two to see if the data is downloaded.
I think outernet is sending the files in intervals, so the receiver waits for the next cycle of data from outernet if it didnt finish downloading the current one, thats why it seems lyk it stuck but actually transimittin of the file ended before the receiver could get the whole file.
I nearly flashed mine too thinking it is stuck on one file. But after few hours, the download continued as normal.

Thanks sglee. I’ve learned a few things today, after reflashing the sd card a few time, I’ve learned that pulling the power on the pi-3, does terrible things to the programming in same SD card. I shall have to figure out how to do a shutdown in a less brutal fashion. SD card does not like. Also, the choice of browser seems to be important. My use of Firefox gave me strange behavior in the tuner settings display. Substituting Chrome, solved the tuner display problem. I’m getting pretty good at reflashing the the SD card, so I’m doing better at some tasks. :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar browser issues. Firefox is OK at best, IE is as useless as ever. I’m gonna try chrome.