Tuning in on IS-20

Hi Branko

I connected my HD Star DVB receiver yesterday to my existing DSTV (South Africa) dish but am not able to connect to Intelsat 20 (68.5E) ?

signal to low ?
signal 56% quality jumps around to 80 but no data

while checking status.outernet.is i don’t see any other devices conencting to Intelsat 20 (68.5E) ?

any ideas and advise would be appreciated

We need a few pieces of info to find out more about your situation:

  1. What is the dish size?
  2. What is the lengh of the cable running between the dish and the receiver?
  3. What type of LNB are you using?
  4. What is your location?

Can you give us a screenshot of the tuner settings panel?

  1. 60cm
  2. 7m
  3. Think it is Universal
  4. Heidelberg, Gauteng, South Africa

Satbeams footprint map says you would need a dish of at least 85cm in that area. We normally add 10cm to whatever Satbeams claims, too.

Ok, branko

will let you know if i do find such a size dish

90cm are quite common, afaik.

I got 90cm tried but still no luck, now trying the L-Bank kit but my LNA signal is so weak.