Update icon is not appearing

we have created the user account and can log into librarian.outernet.com, but we can not see any data. it say : recoeving data: no, we would like to know why? we are from Maldives, we are using asia sat 5. C band LNB.

@ibbenik Did you correctly configure the correct tuner settings under Outernet Librarian -> settings ?

The settings should be for AsiaSat:
LNB Type: C band
Satellite: AsiaSat 5 C-band (100.5E)

Also let me know which ORxPi version you are using with the Raspberry Pi. The latest version is 0.2.8. Also please add any photos of your receiver setup including the dish antenna.

Note: I have not tested Outernet with AsiaSat.

Hi, and welcome to the forum. We have actually not been able to test C band yet, so it’s great to see someone with C band equipment.

Could you download the system log and application log from the Settings section and email it to apps(at)outernet.is? Just be sure to save it to disk, and not open it in Notepad or similar editors.


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