US Beam Needs Help

Looks like everyone on is down and i just checked mine and no signal from the sat. Did the back end system lock up? @Syed

Thanks. Looking into it.

Apparently there is a power outage at the teleport.

Working fine this morning.

We are experiencing another outage. Currently looking into it.

And…we’re back.

Strange that today’s teleports don’t have UPS. In my past experience operating US Military satellite stations, we always had a reliable UPS and NEVER went off the air. Ken

I’m not sure what happened a few weeks ago. I also thought it was odd that the entire teleport was experiencing power issues. My guess is that they do have a UPS at each rack–and a backup generator for the datacenter–but something else went wrong. Just a guess, as I have no idea what the issue was and they didn’t share any details.

Yesterday’s hiccup was purely due to the server.