Use of google‘s Lyra compression codec?


I was wondering if using the Google lyra codec ( would enable us to listen to a or several radio streams again?

Lyra needs about 3kbit/s which is more than the othernet’s current total bandwidth. I’m still working on shoehorning support for codec2 into the system :wink:

Can satellite time be bought a day at a time continuously? If so, how about half of a day at a time? Then up the bandwidth to 3 kHz from 2 kHz as it is now. Com’on guys I know it’s stupid question, but who knows?

Afaik its not possible to shift bandwidth on demand over sat. Plus with the current LORA setup you’d constantly have to alter the beam type.

The current receiver chip only suppors 4 bandwidth settings. 200,400,800 and 1600 kHz. Spreading Factor and FEC are set to the best possible values, so the 2kbit is the max you can come up with, without paying (much) more.

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