User run scripts? & What webserver does Rxos run?

@Abhishek I’m wondering what webserver RXos runs?

Are there any plans to add ‘control’ type functionality to the webui?

For example, the default behaviour might be to overwrite ‘USA-News.htm’ whenever a new file of that name is downloaded, but some users might want to keep an archive.
A technical user could ssh in, set up a cronjob to 'cp USA-News.htm USA-News.htm.{"$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)"} but it would be nice if non technical users could just press a button on the web interface that says ‘keep old news’ or ‘delete old news’

This is just one example, the bigger question is; are you planning to let users execute scripts from the webui?

The current rxOS runs Lighttpd. Please note the word current.

It will be better to talk about UI changes/modifications after a few weeks.