User's Guide to Setting Up and Using Dreamcatcher V 3.02Q

I have developed a User’s Guide to Setting Up and Using Dreamcatcher V 3.02Q similar to the one for the L-Band Dreamcatcher. I welcome other Forum members to review it if they have successfully brought up their new boards. I have already sent it out to a few members for review before I get it to Syed for posting on the Web Site.

If you want to see the draft, please contact me at [email protected], and I will send you a Word document or PDF. I believe it is important to make Outernet as simple as possible. Ken


Way to go, Ken! I will PM for a copy.


OK I await your e mail. Ken

I have e-mailed you an edit of the file. The changes are in the first few paragraphs.

–Konrad, WA4OSH


The User’s Guide is complete with the help of many Forum members - - thanks. I have verified the methods of formatting previously used micro SD cards; and added an Led display table and more helpful guidance regarding pointing the LNB to SES-2.

Before I send it off to Syed for posting, I’m going to wait for Abhishek’s next iteration of Skylark which will solve some of the current issues which we developed “work arounds” for. . Ken


This is great! Thanks for your work! I will be picking up my DC3 this weekend. I can be a guinea pig.

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[email protected]


The User Guide for the Dreamcatcher V 3.02Q with Skylark 5.1 had been posted, but now has been overcome by events. The new User’s Guides for Skylark 5.2 on the Dreamcatcher V3.03 and v3.05 Boards are listed in the Wiki. Ken


It would appear that this link is no longer valid. Any chance you could share this directly?


@kenbarbi @Abhishek @Syed

Question related to viewing of the Status Dashboard: Is it possible to add a mouse-over ID to the balloons? It would be interesting to see who each one is and possibly the city/location… Possibly something one of the new manuals that are being written could refer to.

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no - we don’t have that information. And its best left that way.

please can someone share the user manual, my security and pihole is blocking spammy links.

please email the user manual to me.

Please see my Mail Message thru the Forum. It has the new links to the User Manuals contained in the Wiki. Ken

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xxx-shopify link is DEAD

Fantastic… thanks for your help and attention
Outstanding - received

I hoped to help others by trying to correct and edit the xxx-shopify link out, but sadly i can not edit out.

new link ::


Thanks for pointing out the bad links where the Users Guides used to live. I removed reference to them to avoid future confusion.

These Users’ Guides listed in the Wiki are put together by Forum Members and are (so to speak) unofficial, but they are designed to pull together users’ experiences to help new members get their gear up and running. Ken

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