User's Guide to Setting Up and Using Dreamcatcher V 3.03

The latest User’s Guide for the Dreamcatcher V 3.03 with Skylark 5.2 is available on the Outernet web site at: Ken


Well done Ken.

Could I ask what are the User Guide changes between V3.03 and V3.02?

Basic setup remains the same as to closing a link with SES-2. The changes reflect the new/modified Skylark 5.2 features. For example, Skylark 5.2 now opens HTML files (like the Rachel data base) with the Reader App, and handles additional storage differently.

The Dreamcatcher (DC) was redesigned so external connections moved a bit, and the LED lights have changed. I added pictures of the cones and horns people are using to improve receiption, and caveated the Dreamcatcher’s ability to operate thru an FTA motor (very few people to that - - I do, but the new DC won’t connect to the LNB thru it).

The section on WiFi passwords was updated to accomodate Abhishek’s revision allowing the WiFi to connect to open access points.

I also added a section on how to print frames. Ken

Appreciate the explanation of the changes. I remember a long time ago, Technical Writing was a valued and important career. You do have that ability for sure.

On another subject, using a dish really helped here. I’m at -3.5 SNR. Probably can get zero with more tweaking. I know a dish goes against Syed’s specs. Do you think the cocktail shaker design as a horn like Konrad is using should be considered? Never seen on web an LNBF like we use coupled to a horn like device. A bare LNBF seems marginal for many. I think Syed has something up his sleeve.

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Absolutely - - Konrad’s shaker works great as does my cone or empty Pringle can! The garden mesh(or sheet aluminum flashing cut to 2 inch x 4 inch x 8 inch trapezoids also work well. The extra 5 or 6 dB of increased SNR gets you into a workable range.

While it goes against Outernet objectives, you (as I) am probably cheating. But you gotta go with what works. Ken

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Very good. Maybe a new topic on how to put some clothes on the bare LNBF to make owner smile with more dB. :grinning:

Request that the older manual for the v 3.02 still be listed on the main products web site for those of us that have both models (v3.02 and v3.03).

found it on thread User's Guide to Setting Up and Using Dreamcatcher V 3.02Q

Good idea - - I’m infoing Kara Scanlin @karascanlin who is Outernet’s documentation guru to see if she can do that. If you need it sooner let me know and I’ll send one along. Ken

PS I’ve got an updated Dreamcatcher v3.03 User guide being reviewed right now by @Abhishek that incorporates the Touch Screen features.

In retrospect I think Skylark 5.2 is the big change. It has new features Skylark 5.1 didn’t have. I have 5.2 running on one of my old Dreamcatcher v3.02Q, and so far the only thing different I find is the DC v3.03 won’t connect thru an FTA motor to the LNB. Ken

Revised Dreamcatcher v3.03 User Manual

I have revised the User Guide for the Dreamcatcher v3.03 with Skylark 5.2, and sent it to Outernet for posting to their web site. So far it has not been added.

If you want to see it now, please go to for the latest copy.

It has changes based on new inputs from Forum members, and explains what the Touch Screens do. Ken


Glad you didn’t add anything about the audio stream. It’s not quite ready to tell all in the User Manual.

New Dreamcatcher User Guide

Abhishek @Abhishek has posted my revised Dreamcatcher User Guide on the Outernet web site at

I have added new information to simplify the set up using the benefits of the Touch Screen. I hope you find it useful. Ken


Congratulations on another excellent upgrade to our 3.03 manual!

The link above is now 404, and no longer works. Can you update this, @kenbarbi

Hi Alex - - each time Othernet posts a new User Guide I write, they give it a new name. It is currently at
You can always find the latest address in the WIKI Pages here

Enjoy, Ken