Using USB extra storage

Hi folks…another newbie here…
After much head scratching, I finally got Skylark flashed onto my CHIP.
Just waiting for my SDR dongle to arrive and some sheet metal to make a patch antenna…

Regarding using a USB memory dongle, can that be allocated as the place where down loaded data is stored
or is it used just to transfer and save data using the file manager… (my CHIP only has 4Gb memory) ?


Please read the release notes on Skylark 1.2

Regarding your question, USB storage used to handle the downloaded data, but now it is for your personal storage. From the Skylark v1.0 User Manual at (Outernet forgot to change the manual’s name to v1.2)

Adding External Storage

External storage may be used to add other data archives, to be used over the UI. Use of external storage to increase the available storage for downloads is no longer supported.

The device may be formatted using one of the filesystem formats: FAT32, and Ext2, Ext3, and Ext4 on Linux).

I have found it very useful to use with a 64 GB USB stick that holds the entire 32 GB Rachel database found at


Thanks for the info…


@kenbarbi, thanks for the Rachel Offline link. English Wikipedia alone is 12GB by now. That takes up a lot of the 32GB of Rachel.

A related question for @Abhishek is how do we move files off the CHIP onto outr external storage device? I tried to do this in Skylark using standard copying techniques, but was unsuccessful.

Using an FTP program I can archive files from the CHIP to a non-CHIP device. Ken

I remember him saying before that everything is backed up before the cleanup script is run. So it should archive to a flash drive every hour.

Here is his post on that.