V3.03 board display necessary?

Received my board last Saturday with a BAD board display…But rest of board works.
Get webpage and downloading packets (now at 84% valid with no horn mod).

So the question: can the board work with no display plugged in??
Want to pull it to lower the current draw.


BTW: using an old ethernet-USB adapter (10/100) from Linksys. works fine.

yes it works without the display , I have 'remote mounted the display with an extension cable. I found the initial orientation to be awkward and not work will my water resistant case pelican style.

There are ‘apps’ like “advanced ip scanner” or “angry ip scanner” or “Fing” to scan your router wifi and locate the dreamcatcher’s ip address.

Keep in mind, the best thing the display gives us is the ability to return the board to the AP mode. Ken

Yes, absolutely (about AP reset). The goal is to provide that feature with a dedicated button. The ideal is to have STA and AP run simultaneously, but the wifi radios we use (the cheap ones) don’t support that feature.

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