***v3.1*** Please Update Your Receiver (CHIP/Pi3) - Weather App!

NEW IMAGE: v3.1 Please Update Your Receiver (CHIP/Pi3) - Weather App!

A new image is available. Please update your receiver by going to Settings --> Update Firmware. Here are the new images for CHIP and Raspberry Pi 3

For the CHIP, it’s best to update through the browser, so download the .pkg. Next connect to the Outernet hotspot and navigate to Update Firmware in the admin dashboard.

It takes a good 5 minutes for the CHIP to update itself.

For the Pi, it’s probably easiest to burn a new SD card.

The biggest change in v3.1 is the inclusion of a weather app. We are sending out global weather data (from NOAA) that updates once per day and provides 24h, 48, and 72 hour predictions.

All of the data in processed by the browser, so depending on what you are using, the manipulation of the map may be a little slow (or lightning fast!).


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Flashed fine.

Now have 3.1 working.

Weather app looks awesome.

Waiting for more data to come down.

Grib files waiting to learn how to display.

News still waiting.

Nice :slight_smile: weather app looks near perfect… Good find. Out of curiosity how much data are you sending a day? Which of the datasets?

This is a little over 1MB for this NOAA data.

Librarian Display

I’ve noticed in the new release I cannot transfer files from the internal storage to my external storage. Are files automatically going to my external storage so I don’t have to move them?

Also, a carry over from before, when I log in as, I get a screen that says “Not found”, and the itmreiterates back to the same screen filling the page with reattempts. Ken

yes, if USB stick is inserted, new files will be written to the stick.

the function for moving files between storage was disabled due to some in compatibilies with the new storage subsystem. It may come back some time, but not soon, as there are higher priority things.

the “librarian inception” problem has been there for a while. It should finally be fixed in 3.2.

Status Dashboard Back

Don’t know if you noticed, but the Status Dashboard is back again for the L-band system at http://status.outernet.is

If you go to Version 3.1’s Network Interfaces and select Connect to a Wireless Network instead of the default (Create a Hotspot) thru your local WiFi (getting an IP address on your router), SNRs and Frame Locks will be reported as shown. Ken


I installed the 3.1 Pi image onto a clean SD card and after 24 hours I am seeing data files for weather but no option to view them. Does it simply take a while for enough data to populate before I will see the new weather app or do I have another issue?

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Have updated to v3.1 using Librarian interface. No problems encountered. Easy to do. Now see a folder for GRIB files. New files coming down. Kudos to the Outernet Team for the continuing improvements. :+1:

                        Ken, Syed why am I in Philippines not showing up?

I wondered about that too. The only green dot down in the area is in New Zealand, and I don’t think anyone is on line there. Try disconnecting from your router and see if the New Zealand report goes away. That would confirm it’s you.

I did that with my system here in Maryland to check on its reporting, and my green dot disappeared. When I reconnected, it came back. This should be an interesting test. Ken

New Zealand is definitely New Zealand. It’s a monitoring station we requested to have installed.

Oh you were the dot in Philippines? It was there until a few days back, I was myself wondering where you had disappeared to.

Do you mind restarting your rcvr? Do you have it in wifi client mode? maybe it flipped back to hotspot mode. It is supposed to do that if wifi connection fails.

@Syed @kenbarbi That’s very neat, I can see my dot, which means I can now easily check my station away from home. In a future version it would be nice if you offered an opt-out option for people or at least added text in the network settings to let people know that rxOS “calls home” to share diagnostic or telemetry data when networked.

I have rebooted.

Seasalt Philippines

you seem to have shown up on the map again too :smiley:

You’re back!! Hurrah :blush:


I spoke too soon, Seasalt - - your off the chart at 1200 UTC 21 Oct. Ken

It seems that the CHIP is failing after a while to send out the data to Outernet Map even though the Library software continues to work normally.