VOA .mp3 Newcasts File

I just noticed an .mp3 VOA Newcast came down from the satellite. I listened to the file and found it loud and clear. Good job to all concerned. I hope this continues because it provides good general worldwide news and I really enjoy it. Thanks.


Great success! Sounds fine. Good to see it happen.Ken

Yes, the delivery of this daily news cast will be automated pretty soon. @Cheaha and @caveman99 made some good suggestions on how to label these.

Rather than an infinite number of newscasts by date, which would fill up the internal storage if the user had no external SD card, the audio file will be labeled by day. Something like VOA_Newscast_for_Monday.mp3

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I see today’s broadcast in the Uploads folder. Is the future plan to load it into this folder, or will you make it appear in another Skylark App Icon? Ken


It will stay in the uploads folder. The Radio icon is for the old audio stream, which is no longer available.

OK - - that’s a deal. I’m adding it to the Wiki and User’s Guide. Ken

Very Nice Thanks :+1: